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Life coaching custom designed for you

Need to clarify your focus? Need to initiate  specific steps to achieve your goals? Need to learn new habits  to level up your performance?

Experience being held accountable and inspired so that which you envision comes to fruition. It’s time to invest in yourself, your business and your relationships. The future is already here!

 My personalized coaching is designed for you to  experience  extraordinary results.


Personal Life Coaching

As your Life Coach, I will design a personalized coaching experience to help you achieve your career, relationship, development, and parenting goals. During our sessions we will establish goals that I will hold you accountable to achieve. After our sessions, your success will be maximized and you’ll love your pride and self-confidence.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Start your life coaching sessions with a complimentary first consultation to learn how coaching will benefit you. Whether you prefer to meet by phone, video chat, or face-to-face, we will meet to explore your unique and specific goals. During our first session, we will determine if we are a good fit for each other.

What Is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach helps you identify goals and develop actionable plans to overcome obstacles and achieve success.  Life Coaching is aimed to help people, just like you,  meet their goals in both their personal and business lives by guiding them in the right direction and encouraging them along the way. As your Life Coach, I focus heavily on accountability, enabling you to achieve future goals on your own.

Common life coaching topics are Career, Relationships, Growing Business, Improving Habits, Organization and Emotional Control.

Who Is Coaching For?

People like you who are courageous and energetic to change your future!

I know you’re curious about how it works. The most important thing to understand is that Life Coaching is all about you and your desire to enhance and improve your life. It’s a rewarding awakening where you embrace change and move boldly, fearlessly, and confidently to a life brimming with passion and purpose.

As your Life Coach, I look through a lens different than yours to observe your progress and purpose. I give you informed  insight, perspective, and guidance as I hold you accountable and challenge you every step on your journey.

Is a Life Coach Right For Me?

It’s normal to be scared and excited at the same time when you can’t squelch the motivating nudge to ignite a change. On the one hand you’re  uncertain of taking a risking on something you are unsure of,  yet a plunge is required for a better life. It’s you and your future that will be empowered and energized with a coach to support, empower and challenge you.

Ask yourself if your life will be better in six months if you do nothing now. Will remaining stuck have even one benefit? Being coached by JoAnn will awaken your energy, passion and purpose to be who you were meant to be.

You only have this one life to make extraordinary. I’ll help your bring it to fruition!

Guarantees from JoAnn

  • You will be listened to and unconditionally accepted
  • You will be challenged and held accountable
  • All that you share I will keep confidential
  • You will be safe, in a nurturing, kind and honest environment

Expectations from you

  • Commit to the process with full transparency
  • Embrace the challenges of changing
  • Believe that you have the power to create something new

What Topics Does a Life Coach Cover?

You set that by determining your goals, purpose and passion. Common areas are Career, Relationships, Growing Business, Improving Habits, Organization and Emotional Control.

How will we work together?

  • We’ll set a weekly time to have our sessions.
  • I will assign you weekly homework due 24 hours before each session.
  • At each session we will discuss your action, attitude, and habits.
  • We will measure your progress, celebrate your wins, and  refine your goals.

How Fast Will I See Results?

It’s your commitment and your motivation that determine how well and how quickly you make progress. You will have me to hold you accountable and give you incentive.

What will happen?

  • You will feel yourself being stretched and strengthened.
  • You might experience intense emotions.
  • You will replace unhelpful habits and thinking patterns with fertile and affirming ones.
  • You will gain confidence and a positive sense of self like you’ve never known.
  • You will feel proud and grateful for what you’ve accomplished!

About JoAnn Schauf, MS, LLC


JoAnn Schauf earned an MS in Counseling and began her professional counseling career in California. Next, she brought her counseling expertise to schools and colleges in Texas. And now she has her own a vibrant Coaching and Speaking business.

JoAnn responded to the needs of parents of adolescents by founding Your Tween & You in 2016. She received a Top Entrepreneur Award in Dallas in 2017. This year she was honored to be named the Best Life Coach in Coppell, Texas! She’s a member of the Texas Counseling Association, contributes to local media, writes two blogs and is a sought-after speaker.

Once again responding to needs and requests, JoAnn expanded her business model and founded Personal Life Coaching in 2019.  Adults needed a professional coach with the expertise and experience to lead and empower them while holding them accountable for the changes they sought. Believing in each clients’ values and strength, JoAnn builds relationship and success to:

  • Identify, clarify and align clients’ needs and aspirations
  • Encourage self-discovery and possibilities to meet goals.
  • Empower and inspire client-generated solutions and strategies.
  • Hold clients accountable and responsible.

It’s a privilege for JoAnn to form trusting partnerships with each client, support their quest to become the persons they aspire to be, and celebrate their success!

JoAnn and her husband Dave raised four children, all of whom are now successful adults with families of their own. JoAnn loves to travel and only needs to set foot in seven more states to say she’s been in all 50! Every holiday season her family and friends eagerly await a box of her famous fudge.




“I worked with JoAnn for multiple sessions her help and coaching was practical and effective. She was very helpful in creating action steps that helped me with my situation with my Tween. It’s very difficult for adults to understand the changing mind she helped me translate the situations. Very positive outcomes but you must put the work. Strongly recommend.”


“I contacted JoAnn when I found myself “walking on eggshells” in my relationship with my beloved daughter. I was lost as to how to open communication and experience the closeness we once had. The positive changes started when I told my daughter that I was talking with someone because I wanted a better relationship with her. She was deeply touched that our relationship was so important to me that I would seek help to understand what I could do to improve it. With JoAnn’s compassionate insight I was able to see things that I could not have on my own. JoAnn provides a completely safe, and affirming environment. She is an awesome listener, and she is a great resource for books, articles, and websites that were so helpful too. My relationship with my daughter now has simply never been better. We have grown so much in our love and respect for each other. What a great investment in the future too!”

Maggie I.

“As a result of being coached by JoAnn, the contentious relationship between my daughter and me ended. I learned that it was me who had to take the high road and make changes. JoAnn’s challenges and encouragement motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I’m proud of the changes I’ve made, and  I look forward to spending time with her. JoAnn held me accountable, encouraged, and motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I’m proud of the changes I’ve made, and my time with my daughter is enjoyable.”

Pattie L.

“JoAnn taught me how to design and build stronger relationships with my children based on respect, trust, and love. She challenged me in ways that increased my enthusiasm, energy, and empathy. The insights and strategies I acquired spill over into my relationships with my students, friends, and family. Life couldn’t be better.”

Teri  K

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