Executive Coaching
with JoAnn Schauf

Goal Setting

Identify goals in life with enthusiasm to achieve goals and stay on course.

Organizational Traction

Intentional focus on what needs to be accomplished and implementing the plans.

Stress Management

Understand self-control and actions to shape your life.

Continual improvement

Getting better is committing to awareness, habit tweaking and practicing.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Coaching Begins With a Free Consultation

It’s vital that we work exceptionally well together. Before signing on the dotted line as coach and client, we will meet in person (DFW area) or talk on the phone. You’ll learn my approach and I’ll  learn about you, your vision and struggles. This will set us up to hit the ground running.

Coaching Topics

Clarity and Goal Defining

Relationship Skill Development

Habit Formation

Business and Career Growth

Personal and Professional Leadership

How Do I know If Executive Coaching is Right For Me?


Struggling with delegating, developing leaders, and collaborating?

Carving out time for getting better at what you do and who you are?

Fearing being replaced?

Gaining the confidence of direct reports and board members?

Failing Emotional Psychology 101?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions executive coaching is for you!

Executive coaching will show you how to stay focused, find clarity, and learn habits that elevate your profession.

My Approach to Executive Coaching

What’s next for you? Continual improvement is the answer. It’s essential for all executives. Not because of the competition, but because you want to initiate the future. You want to influence and inspire those on your team and throughout the company. It only comes to full fruition by taking the time to expand your knowledge, skills, and talents.

You want to affect the change; not strive to keep up or watch it sail by.

We will form a trusting partnership and establishing specific goals and strategies. Your intrinsic motivation and willingness to challenges unhelpful beliefs and habits will empower your transformation.

We will meet weekly; you will have structured homework that will be submitted the day before each session. You can expect to be held accountable, challenged to disrupt your status quo, and experience an extraordinary transformation.

How It Works

Schedule a Free Consultation

It’s vital that we work exceptionally well together.  We will meet in person or talk on the phone. You’ll learn my style and I’ll  learn about you and your goals. I want you to be certain and confident you are making the best choice in a coach.


Choose a Coaching Package

During our first meeting, we will discuss your goals. Based on our conversation, I will make a recommendation for  which Coaching Package is right for you.  

Reach Your Goals

As we partner, you will learn how to apply specific strategies and skills to overcome obstacles. You will learn how to understand and manage your emotions.  You will tap into personal strengths and talents that have gone unused.

Executive Coaching Packages


Gain clarity and direction for a simple issue that needs improvement. My executive focused, three-session package allows us to meet in person or over the phone over one month. During the month, you will have homework assignments and complimentary email access to me.




Upgrade your mindset and leadership skills as an executive to improve your mindset, performance and leadership skills. Eight sessions allow us to meet weekly over two months in person or over the phone. Achieve growth in the areas that matter most to you and obtain guidance with regular sessions, homework assignments, and complimentary email access to me.




Expand your exceptional and bold paradigm to drive consistent success with my twelve-session package allowing us to meet weekly over three months. As with the other packages, you will have homework assignments tailored to help you grow in the areas needed most and complimentary email access to me throughout the 3-months.


Start Living Life to the Fullest!

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