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Michael B.
Michael B.
When I decided to hire a Life Coach, I thought all I wanted was someone to keep me on task and basically tell me what to do. Now, after four months of being coached by JoAnn, I understand just how much her coaching has brought to my well-being. In addition to helping me establish new and healthy ways of communicating and interacting with the world, she is helping me reshape lifelong habits like unchecked negative self-speak — habits I wasn’t even aware I had. In addition to her innate sense of empathy and human understanding, JoAnn brings so many tools and insights and professional experience to the table. I trust her and her process. But more importantly, I trust her genuine investment in my evolution. I also know that, even on days when we do not have schedule calls, I can reach out to her for advice or a clear perspective, and she will make herself readily available. JoAnn has proven this to be true time and again. Consider yourself lucky to enlist JoAnn as your coach. You are going to get even more out of her guidance than you are hoping for.
Jan C.
Jan C.
I have wanted to write you to let you know that a miracle occurred in my teenage daughter during her time with you. Her level of confidence shot way up. She has received accolades for her presentations recently. Prior she would have reported freezing up and crying. Thank you so much for working with her and helping her realize more of her potential. If I can ever be a reference, please reach out. I am deeply grateful for your gifts and your desire to share.

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