3 Way to Boost Your Mojo

By: JoAnn Schauf

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The rhythm of the calendar gives us a fresh start each month. It’s not just about the billing cycle, but it’s a logical point in time to look back, identify what lies ahead, and take action. Not like the worn cliché of new year resolutions, instead, this is a peek under the hood at what makes us roll: our stories, beliefs, and attitudes.

You noticed the list is longer than 3. I like choices! Scroll through and choose three that resonate personally for you. Conceive your plan, one or two things you will do, and commit to daily action.

If you’ve skipped ahead, as I would have, you notice the second phrases point to impacting others. Each is worthy as a reminder that we are in this together. Bringing out the best in others accentuates and raises your servant leadership.

How will you imprint hope in yourself, and to whom will you give hope?

How will you inspire yourself to be courageous, and how do you do this for others?

How will you be a better steward of your finances, and will you give to those in need?

What and who are you grateful for, and how will you express gratitude to those who bring you joy?

What habit will you add to make your potential bloom, and who will reap the benefits?

What new promises will you make and keep, and to whom do you keep promises?

What acts of love, encouragement, and kindness will you express to yourself, and how will you show these to others?

What will you do to fulfill your mission and vision, and how will you empower others to advance theirs?

Where and when will you take time to meditate and exercise, and will you invite others to hone these practices, too?

You lead an extraordinary life. Adding three mojo measures will make it even livelier. You’ll want to revisit this exercise on the first of each month. Make sure to pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments!


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