My coaching client, Stephanie, listed significant goals for her career, relationships, and home the day we met. In six months, she’d receive her MBA and with that wanted a higher six-figure salary and a desk in the C-suites within three years. She’d successfully led work teams with clarity and innovation, but she wanted a life partner. And finally, she envisioned her kitchen spotless and bedroom having the walk-in feel of a room at the Ritz every day.

We talked through what she valued most and what scared her. It wasn’t the challenge that swept her out to sea; it was the extraordinary scope of what she referred to as “My Epic Aspirations.” Stephanie was lightning smart, had re-invented herself previously, and confident she was not over-reaching.

It’s common to assume that high-achievers, surgeons, elite athletes, and entrepreneurs don’t need coaching. That is not true. With the additional support of coaching, they excel at even higher levels.

As a life coach, I help my clients take specific actions while insisting on structure and accountability. Together we establish a trusting and collaborative relationship that accentuates each client’s persistence and determination. I admire my client’s courage to challenge the present so their desired future comes to fruition.

Stephanie’s motivation served her well learning and utilising precise skills and strategies. She learned new behaviors that with practise became habits. She is stronger than she was before and so proud of her achievements; her “Epic Aspirations.”

It was my privilege to inspire, influence, and empower Stephanie. Her life changed in every way possible! I’m wondering what the future holds for you. Let’s talk about it.