How Corrections Work

By: JoAnn Schauf

you got this

A friend of mine, the director of events at a marketing firm, loves talking about failure. Only she doesn’t call it that. She calls it ‘second-tier learning.’ Following each event’s conclusion, using reviews, data, and receipts, she and her team evaluate what went well, what didn’t and why. They share the goal of not making the same mistake twice.

She established two rules for what they call the ‘Second Tier Meeting.’ Every point is voiced in first person – I or we – because they promote accountability and ownership. The other rule disallows personal criticism or blame. Her philosophy espouses the values of winning and losing together as well as growing as a team.

Looking through the window of her mindset fascinates me. She is neither embarrassed by nor ashamed of failing. Instead, with confidence, she welcomes the process of discovering mistakes and finding solutions. She relies on her team’s creativity, trust and commitment. She’s a dedicated and humble leader who boldly follows through.

This impressive attitude about dealing with failure awaits you at work and home. If something’s holding you back, I’d be honored to be your coach. You’ll learn how to jump into the sea of change and be an intrepid ‘second-tier learner.’ Now’s your time.


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