I shared with my besties that I got two speeding tickets on the same day. One said she wouldn’t have expected that from me. Another said, she liked me even more now. And the third, with a laugh, wondered how many other times I’d suffered that status.

Of course, if I had it to do-over, I would not have passed the two dawdling cars in in the fast lane on that dark, foggy morning. It turned out, you see, that the driver of the car in front was a policeman. Immediately, he cited me for speeding. Later that afternoon, had I been paying attention to my location and speed, I would not have been pulled over in my neighborhood and given my second ticket.

My two-ticket day was an awakening.

Like you would have done, I explored what I could do differently next time. Then it struck me – there was not going to be a single next time. “It” would have to be applied every time I drove. That reality prompted the change. It wasn’t even hard. But I never suspected it.

I stopped racing ahead of everyone else on the read to create distance between them and me. I shifted my focus from striving to beat my best times, to driving in the righthand lanes. I accepted that my speeding resulted in saving only a few minutes. I switched out high stress for a calmer driving experience by going the speed limit.

I urge you search for one event or action that needs tweaking. Give yourself time with confidence and without judgement to explore new options. When your hindsight meets your wisdom, it will be magical.

Warm regards,