As a life coach, I create dynamic and collaborative partnerships with my clients to empower and energize their future. Life Coaching begins with assessing goals and vision, examining habits and practices, and establishing a solution-based model. Each client is challenged, held accountable, and supported to take the necessary steps and risks for success. Personal improvement requires that clients do the heavy lifting to level up skills, beliefs, and approaches.

I inspire, motivate, and believe in every client. My role as a life coach is akin to that of a project manager, because of the defined start, scope, and product. Growing business expertise, finding new careers, honing relationship and communication skills, perfecting problem-solving strategies, guiding parents, and replacing negative habits (procrastination, indecision, and low confidence) are challenges that sparked my clients to invest in themselves with life coaching.

In contrast, therapists foster patient’s uncovering and recovering from the past in a therapeutic process. Healing occurs in the safety of emotional and psychological support. The therapist will make a psychological diagnosis that aligns with mental health insurance coverage. Most commonly, therapists see clients who suffer from depression and drug addiction as well as disorders of anxiety, borderline personality, dissociative, and bipolar.

It’s critically important that each person who suffers from mental health issues get help. We’d never ignore a broken leg, and the same need for care applies to mental health.

It’s easy to see that life coaches inspire clients to maximize their future, while counselors and therapists provide support for mental health issues and events from the past.

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